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Airduct Maintenance Tips

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There are a lot of benefits of maintaining the air duct of your HVAC appliances inside your house. When we go outside our buildings and houses, we bring with us some dust particles and dirt. This also applies when inside our houses and apartments. We generate dust and dirt inside. When this dust and dirt will become airborne, they travel inside our HVAC into the air duct. Imagine when you do not have this lifesaver equipment in your house. This can cause lung cancer especially when you have family members that have asthma or lung-related diseases.

It is very important to maintain the cleanliness of your air duct. It is one of the most purposeful house maintenances you can ever have. You can hire a cleaning service or clean your air duct on your own. Visit for professional help in cleaning your air duct at home.

If you opt to DIYs, this article will equip you with the helpful tips when it comes to your air duct maintenance.

Remove and replace air filters

As the dust and dirt gathered in your house and is accumulated inside your aid duct, they are also filtered by the air filters in your air duct system. Over time, they accumulate and potentially obstruct the airflow, leading to more energy requires to operate the air duct system. When this happens, electricity increases as well as your bill. Also, when they clogged, they do not filter the air in your house as efficiently as before. Change your filters every 60 days as a rule of thumb.

Clean the components inside the system

You should not only clean the air filter but other internal elements of the system like the blower motor, coils, interior housing, and the condensate pan and drain. The most important component that needs to have a constant check is your coil. When your system filters and accumulates dirt and dust, they travel through the coil, making it prone to debris accumulation. When this is obstructed, this can create more energy and electricity demand, and even system failure.

Pro tip:

If you think you can’t do it on your own, it is advised that you contact a professional. It is cost-effective, time-saving, and more convenient.

Pro tip No. 2:

As part of your maintenance, make sure that your vents are never blocked with any curtains and furniture for proper air ventilation and airflow.

Clean when it is necessary

There are signs and manifestations of an air duct demanding to be cleaned. These include:

Excessive dust

Increase in your monthly energy bill

Uneven temperature

Rattling noises within the system


A clean air that is free from dust and dirt is what we need in our homes. However, we also need to do our part to achieve this. Cleaning your air duct may require effort if you do it manually, but it is worth it. Unfiltered air can cause disease or even worsen existing conditions like cough, asthma, and others. You can choose to do the tips we provide or call a professional service company.

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