How to Prevent COVID-19?

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Help yourself and be protected from transmitting and contracting COVID-19 by following the guidelines and tips below:

Disinfect and clean surfaces

Utilize alcohol-based disinfectants to clean hard surfaces in your houses such as your toys, furniture, door handles, and countertops. Aside from these surfaces, make sure to clean your laptop, phone, and anything else that you regularly utilize several times per day. Make sure to disinfect places after bringing packages or groceries into your house.

Always cover your nose and mouth as you sneeze and cough

The coronavirus is found in great amounts in the mouth and nose. Meaning, this virus can be transmitted by air droplets to some people as you talk, sneeze, or cough. Moreover, it can possibly land on hard surfaces and can remain for approximately 72 hours. So, make sure to always sneeze into your elbow or at least use a tissue to keep your hands as clean as you can. After you cough or sneeze, head onto your bathroom and carefully wash your hands.

Never share personal items

Your personal items must never be shared. Such items include combs, makeup, phones, and more. Also, it’s vital not to share straws and eating utensils. Allow your kids to know and recognize their own reusable dishes, straw, and cup.

Do not hug and shake hands with people for the meantime

In short, you should temporarily prevent touching people. If you do this, skin-to-skin contact can possibly transmit the virus from a person to another.

Keep your hands off your face

It’s claimed that coronavirus can actually live on other surfaces for almost 72 hours. Hence, you can actually acquire the virus by just touching surfaces such as a doorknob, your cellphone, or even a gas pump handle. Given this, you should never touch any part of your head or face, most importantly your eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, refrain from biting your fingernails since this is one of the ways how coronavirus can possibly reach your hands and into your body.

Wash your hands carefully and frequently

Using soap and warm water, rub your hands for approximately 20 seconds. Lather the soap and then work it under your fingernails, between your fingers, and to your wrists. Moreover, you can utilize an antiviral and antibacterial soap. If you can’t properly wash your hands, then apply hand sanitizer. Make sure to practice washing your hands always at least many times per day particularly after you touch anything, such as your laptop or phone.

Wear cloth mask

The CDC highly recommends the people to wear a cloth face mask if you are in a public space where physical distancing may be hard to practice, like in markets or grocery stores. If you use cloth masks properly, these can help in avoiding people who are undiagnosed or asymptomatic from transmitting coronavirus as they cough, sneeze, talk, or breathe. As a result, it can greatly help cut down viral transmission. If you want to buy wholesale face masks, contact us today.

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